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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Bensalem, PA

When you’re accused of a crime, you have rights.  When you’re arrested, you have the right to refuse any questioning from the police without a criminal defense attorney present.  You also have the right to seek out the advice of a criminal defense lawyer, regardless of your ability to pay.  These rights are designed to ensure that you can get justice; without hiring a criminal lawyer, you are throwing those rights away.  No matter what the nature of your alleged crimes, Schatz & Stancu LLP can provide defense lawyers, probation violation lawyers, DUI lawyers, drug trafficking lawyers, lawyers for marijuana possession, or even homicide lawyers to protect your rights in court.

bensalem criminal defense lawyer

Schatz & Stancu have served Bucks County communities like Bensalem for nearly 30 years, and during that time we’ve earned the trust of our clients in the area.  If you need a criminal lawyer in Langhorne, PA or you’re facing drug cases in Croydon, PA, we should be the first call you make.  You can reach our talented team of defense lawyers by dialing (267) 544-0789, by sending an email to, or by filling out the simple online form on our contact page.  We’ll connect you with a criminal defense lawyer who can assist you in preparing a legal defense for any of the following types of cases:


  • General Criminal Defense Law Firm

  • Homicide Lawyers

  • Defense Lawyers for Gun Possession Charges and other Gun Cases

  • Juvenile Attorney

  • Probation Violation Lawyers

  • DUI Lawyers

  • Defense Lawyers for Federal Offenses

  • Drug Possession Defense Attorney for Drug Cases

  • Lawyers for Marijuana Possession

  • ARD

  • Traffic Offense Lawyer


A good criminal lawyer will be your strongest ally when you enter the courtroom, but only if you make the right choice.  Bensalem area residents have trusted Schatz & Stancu to be their criminal defense law firm, so you know we can come through for you when you need us the most.  Call us today to speak to a Bensalem area criminal lawyer or drug possession lawyer about your case.

Trusted Criminal Defense Law Firm

A Bensalem area criminal defense lawyer from Schatz & Stancu can help you prepare a legal defense for a wide variety of cases, from simple traffic offenses to drug cases and more.  Depending on the nature of your alleged crime, you could be looking at probation, hefty fines, or even jail time, so it just makes sense to hire the best criminal defense attorney you can find.  While the goal of every criminal defense lawyer at our firm is always to get your charges dismissed entirely, our attorneys also know when it makes sense to seek out a favorable plea deal.  When you hire a criminal defense lawyer from Schatz & Stancu, you can always be confident that you’re getting the best advice from legal counsel with years of experience.


Do you need a traffic offense lawyer after being pulled over or after being involved in a car accident?  A criminal defense attorney from our firm can examine your case and come up with an airtight defense.  You may also need our DUI lawyers in relation to a traffic incident or even a drug possession lawyer.  When you hire us, we’ll make our entire team available to you for any specialty you need.

Drug Possession Lawyer in Bensalem

drug trafficking lawyers bensalem

Are you facing drug charges in the Bensalem area?  Any competent drug possession defense attorney knows that drug cases can offer many opportunities for charges to be reduced or dropped.  A drug possession lawyer can analyze simple possession drug cases and help you decide how to proceed with your defense.  If you’re facing more serious charges, our drug trafficking lawyers may be able to find a way to reduce your sentence or have certain charges dismissed.  Experienced drug trafficking lawyers know that prosecutors will often tack on trafficking or distribution charges to simple drug possession to give themselves a bargaining chip.  The evidence of these charges is usually very flimsy, and a good drug possession lawyer can often get them dismissed without too much trouble.  Without the assistance of a drug possession defense attorney, you would truly be at the mercy of the courts in cases like these.

With the legalization of medical marijuana, it’s important for anyone with a prescription to seek out the advice of our lawyers for marijuana possession any time they’re arrested.  If you have marijuana on your person when you’re arrested for another crime, you could be facing a possession charge in addition to your other charges.  A drug possession lawyer can help you strategize the right way to get those charges dismissed so you can have access to your legal medication without fear of going to jail for it.


Whether you need a drug possession defense attorney or a criminal defense attorney for any other charge, the lawyers at our criminal defense law firm encompass a variety of specialties.  Get in touch with us to speak to the best Bensalem area DUI lawyers, homicide lawyers, probation violation lawyers, lawyers for marijuana possession, drug trafficking lawyers, or if you need a good juvenile attorney.

Get in Touch with Us if You Need a DUI Lawyers

The consequences of a DUI charge can follow you for the rest of your life, making it difficult to find employment, travel abroad, or get an apartment.  The DUI lawyers at Schatz & Stancu have already helped hundreds of clients beat DUI charges or have them reduced, and they can do the same for you.  Of course, there are many other kinds of cases a criminal lawyer can help you with.  Those on probation have used our probation violation lawyers after a minor infraction or missed visit with their PO had them facing a jail sentence.  A juvenile attorney from our firm can help prevent young people from becoming victims of the justice system.  Our drug trafficking lawyers have produced favorable outcomes for those accused of drug charges.  We have even provided homicide lawyers to protect the rights of those accused of murder.  Whether you need a drug possession defense attorney, a juvenile attorney, or any type of criminal defense lawyer, Schatz & Stancu is the right choice for Bensalem area residents.  Get in touch with us today to speak to a criminal defense attorney who will fight hard to protect your rights.

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