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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chalfont, PA


Going up against the justice system isn’t something you should do alone.  When you’re accused of a crime in the Chalfont, PA area, you need experienced criminal defense lawyers on your side.  Not only is hiring criminal lawyers a smart move, it’s actually your constitutional right.  Don’t throw away your right by choosing to represent yourself in court or by speaking to police without an attorney present.  Your criminal defense attorneys can advise you during police questioning to prevent you from incriminating yourself.  They can negotiate on your behalf in the pre-trial phase, potentially securing a plea deal.  Criminal defense lawyers can represent you in court, and if you are found guilty, they can assist you with the appeals process.

At Schatz & Stancu LLP, we’ve spent nearly three decades looking out for the rights of people in the Chalfont, PA area.  If you need any type of criminal defense attorneys, including DUI lawyers, probation violation lawyers, drug crimes lawyers, and juvenile defense lawyers, we should be the first law firm you call.

We Specialize in DUI & Drug Crime Cases

Being convicted of drunk driving or of drug crimes in Chalfont, PA can have a huge impact on your future.  Without criminal defense attorneys on your side, you could end up paying huge fines or even spending time in jail.  In addition to acting as juvenile defense lawyers and probation violation lawyers, the criminal lawyers at Schatz & Stancu also specialize in DUI defense and drug crimes.  Our DUI lawyers can defend you when you get pulled over for drunk driving.  Were you actually intoxicated?  Good DUI lawyers know that field sobriety tests can be subjective.  Your DUI lawyers may also try to argue that police violated your rights when they pulled you over and questioned you.  The bottom line is that a DUI arrest doesn’t necessarily have to lead to a conviction, but if you don’t hire the best DUI lawyers you can find, you could miss out on your chance to have your charges dismissed or reduced.

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Drug crimes are another area where a conviction is far from certain.  Even if you are found with drugs in your vehicle or on your person, the police may have violated your fourth amendment rights by searching you.  Criminal defense lawyers who specialize in drug crimes know exactly which arguments they can make to convince prosecutors to strike a deal or to convince juries that you’re not guilty.


While drug charges and DUI are two of our specialties, the criminal defense lawyers at our firm are knowledgeable about a wide range of cases.  For example, if you need probation violation lawyers in Chalfont, PA to help you prepare for a probation violation hearing or you need juvenile defense lawyers to defend a young person accused of a crime, we can assist you with either of those matters.  Our juvenile defense lawyers can help prevent a young person from being charged as an adult and our criminal lawyers can help you stay out of jail when you’re accused of violating your probation.

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Trust Our Team Of Professional Defense Attorneys


When you’re looking for criminal defense lawyers, you want to find a firm you can trust.  For residents of the Chalfont, PA area, that firm is Schatz & Stancu.  Get in touch with us any time you need criminal defense attorneys by picking up the phone and dialing (267) 544-0789, by sending an email to, or by heading over to our contact page and filling out the simple online form.  When you’re accused of a crime in Chalfont, PA and nearby communities, we’ll fight hard to defend your rights.

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