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Have you been accused of a crime in the Langhorne, PA area?  No matter the nature of your alleged offenses, you owe it to yourself to secure the services of a good criminal lawyer.  Not only can your defense attorneys advise you during police questioning, a criminal lawyer can also argue on your behalf in court, represent you during plea deal negotiations, or even assist you with the appeals process if you’re found guilty.  If you speak to the police or enter the courtroom without the support of a criminal lawyer, you’re throwing out one of your constitutional rights!

Whether you need DUI lawyers in Langhorne, PA, probation violation lawyers, juvenile defense lawyers, a drug possession defense attorney, or any other type of criminal defense lawyers, you want a criminal law firm you can trust.  For Langhorne, PA area residents, that law firm is Schatz & Stancu LLP.  For almost 30 years, our criminal defense lawyers have advised and defended those accused of crimes.  Now our criminal lawyers want to do the same for you.

Reliable DUI Lawyers You Can Trust

Being convicted of drunk driving in Langhorne, PA can change your life forever, and without representation from the best DWI lawyers, you could be responsible for thousands of dollars in fines, you could lose your license, and you may even spend time in jail.  Of course, as any good criminal lawyer knows, being pulled over for drunk driving does not automatically mean you’ll be convicted.  Experienced DWI lawyers know that there is plenty of room to get charges dismissed or reduced in severity.  DUI lawyers may try to find out if the police had probable cause to pull you over and conduct a sobriety test.  Was that field sobriety test conducted properly?  Did police follow appropriate procedures during your arrest and questioning?  All of these factors can give DUI lawyers an opportunity to negotiate with prosecutors or even get your charges dismissed.  Without DWI lawyers on your side, you’ll be facing the justice system alone.

Drug cases are another area where defense attorneys may be able to strike a deal.  A drug possession defense attorney can analyze the details of your case and come up with a solid legal defense.  If you were arrested after a traffic stop, your drug possession defense attorney may be able to argue that the police did not have probable cause to search you or your vehicle.  You may have been charged with intent to distribute or trafficking without sufficient evidence.  If you have a medical marijuana card, you may have had a legal right to possess a controlled substance.  If there is room for leniency in your case, your drug possession defense attorney will find it.

The criminal lawyers at our firm also represent young people accused of crimes.  Our juvenile defense lawyers possess the specialized knowledge it takes to successfully litigate cases involving young people.  In some cases, juvenile defense lawyers may be able to prevent a young person from being charged as an adult.

What about probation violation defense attorneys?  If you’re facing a probation violation hearing, our probation violation lawyers can help you prepare and decide on the best strategy to keep you out of jail.  No matter what crime you’re accused of, our criminal defense lawyers possess a skill set that encompasses a wide range of legal specialties.

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Get in touch with us today for a free consultation with a Langhorne, PA area criminal lawyer.  Your defense attorneys can be your strongest ally in the courtroom and during police questioning, so don’t face your criminal charges alone.  If you’re a Langhorne, PA area resident who needs DUI lawyers, juvenile defense lawyers, a drug possession defense attorney, or any other type of criminal lawyer, talk to the criminal defense lawyers at Schatz & Stancu right away.  Our criminal lawyers will fight hard to defend your rights.

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