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When you’re accused of a crime, it’s important to find the best defense lawyers possible. So what should you look for in a criminal defense lawyer? First, you should only be looking at criminal law firms, not ones that primarily deal with civil matters.  Second, it’s a smart move to seek out a criminal lawyer from your area who is familiar with local courts, judges, and prosecutors.  Finally, you should find a criminal defense law firm that has experience litigating the specific criminal charges you’re facing.  Whether you need DWI lawyers or any other type of criminal defense lawyer, you owe it to yourself to find one with experience.

Residents of Southampton, PA and nearby areas can count on the defense lawyers at Schatz & Stancu LLP to check all those boxes.  As a criminal defense law firm serving the Southampton area, we work on criminal cases every day, just as we have for nearly 30 years. If you’re looking for criminal law firms with experience, rest assured that our defense lawyers know the ins and outs of all types of criminal cases. We’ve also spent decades arguing in front of judges in the Southampton area. We’re closely connected to this community, and if it comes time to make a deal with local prosecutors, our defense lawyers will always be familiar faces in Southampton area courthouses. If you’re looking for criminal law firms with experience litigating all types of criminal matters, Schatz & Stancu is the criminal defense law firm to call.  We can provide probation violation lawyers and DUI lawyers.

Do you need a drug possession defense attorney for drug cases or even a juvenile defense attorney? We have you covered for those cases and more. Get in touch with us to speak with a criminal defense lawyer about any of the following types of cases:


  • General Criminal Defense Law Firm

  • Homicide

  • Gun Cases

  • Juvenile Defense Attorney

  • Probation Violation Lawyers

  • DUI Lawyers

  • Federal Offenses

  • Drug Possession Defense Attorney for Drug Cases

  • ARD

  • Traffic Offenses


If you’ve been accused of any of these crimes, it’s your right to hire a criminal lawyer. Don’t speak to the police or go into the courtroom without the advice of a criminal defense lawyer. That’s akin to throwing your rights away! Don’t bother calling any other criminal law firms; get in touch with Schatz & Stancu right away by calling (267) 544-0789, by sending an email to, or by heading over to our contact page and filling out the easy online form. Contact us today for a free consultation with our DUI lawyers or another Southampton area criminal lawyer at our firm.

Hire Schatz & Stancu to be Your Defense Attorneys

No matter what crime you’re being accused of, we have a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in your type of case.  Were you pulled over for drunk driving? Our DWI lawyers may be able to help you. Whether you intend to plead not guilty or you want to make a plea deal, the DWI lawyers at Schatz & Stancu have already helped hundreds of clients in the Southampton area get their charges dismissed or reduced in severity. 


Are you facing drug cases in Warminster, PA or anywhere nearby? A drug possession defense attorney from our firm can help you defend yourself in court. Drug cases often present opportunities for plea deals or dismissed charges, but it takes an experienced drug possession defense attorney to negotiate with prosecutors.


What about probation violations? Almost any minor infraction can count as a violation, and without probation violation lawyers on your side, you could end up back in jail. Whether you intend to deny the charges against you or you want to admit to them and petition the judge for leniency, our probation violation lawyers can help you prepare for your hearing, giving you the best chance of a favorable outcome.


Even young people sometimes need representation in court. Cases involving juveniles require specialized knowledge and care that general defense lawyers may not be able to provide. A juvenile defense attorney can protect the rights of young people and help to ensure they don’t end up trapped in a never-ending cycle of recidivism.


Whether you need DUI lawyers, a juvenile defense attorney, or any other type of criminal lawyer, Schatz & Stancu is the first call you should make.

Experienced Law Professionals

Being accused of a crime doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be facing the harshest penalties possible. You can achieve a better outcome for yourself when you hire a criminal lawyer. When you’re being questioned by police or appearing in court, a criminal defense lawyer will be your strongest ally, informing you of your rights and arguing on your behalf. In the past, we have acted as DWI lawyers for those accused of drunk driving; we have provided a drug possession defense attorney for those accused of possession, trafficking, and manufacturing a controlled substance. 


Being convicted of these crimes can mean expensive fines or even jail time, so you owe it to yourself to hire the best criminal defense law firm you can find. The DUI lawyers and criminal defenders at Schatz & Stancu have been trusted by residents of Southampton and nearby communities for decades and now we want to go to work for you. Don’t hesitate to call us any time you need a criminal lawyer.

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