Criminal Defense Lawyers in Yardley, PA


There are many things criminal defense attorneys can do for you when you’re accused of a crime in Yardley, PA, Morrisville, PA, or anywhere nearby.  They can advise you of your rights before and during police questioning so you don’t incriminate yourself.  Criminal defense lawyers can help you negotiate a plea deal in the pre-trial phase.  They can argue on your behalf in court to ensure you get a fair trial.  Defense attorneys can even assist you with the appeals process if you are found guilty.  Any time you’re arrested, it’s your right to seek out the services of criminal defense lawyers, and if you choose to represent yourself, you are throwing that right away.

Being convicted of a crime in the Yardley, PA area can mean expensive fines, probation, jail time, or even the death penalty.  Don’t gamble on your future by representing yourself in court; you owe it to yourself to find the best criminal defense law firms in the area.  Residents of Yardley, PA and Morrisville, PA have already trusted Schatz & Stancu LLP to be their criminal defense attorneys and now we would like the opportunity to represent you.  If you need drug possession defense lawyers for drug cases, probation violation lawyers, juvenile defense lawyers, DUI lawyers, or any other kind of defense attorneys, give us a call at (267) 544-0789, send an email to, or head over to our contact page and fill out the simple online form.  We’ll schedule a free consultation with our criminal defense lawyers right away!

Reliable DUI & Drug Crime Lawyers in Morrisville, PA

Did you get pulled over for drunk driving?  You need defense attorneys on your side.  A conviction will cost you thousands of dollars and you could even lose your license and your job.  Our DUI lawyers know that being charged with drunk driving does not automatically mean you’ll be convicted.  If the police didn’t follow proper procedures during your arrest, your charges could be dropped entirely.  DUI lawyers may also be able to work out a plea deal where you plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid going to trial.  If you’re being charged with drunk driving, hiring good DUI lawyers in the Yardley, PA area is your best chance of having your charges dismissed or reduced.

What about drug cases?  There are many reasons why charges may be dismissed or reduced in drug cases, but it takes experienced drug possession defense lawyers to argue on your behalf.  Did the police have probable cause to search you?  Were you charged with intent to distribute without evidence?  Do you have a medical marijuana license?  All of these situations can give drug possession defense lawyers the opportunity to get your charges dropped or reduced.  Drug cases are often less than cut and dried, and your criminal defense attorneys may be able to produce a favorable outcome for you.

Our Lawyers Have Years Of Experience


In addition to providing DUI lawyers and handling drug cases, the defense attorneys at Schatz & Stancu have expertise in a wide range of legal specialties.  Have you been charged with violating your probation?  Our probation violation lawyers can advise you before your probation violation hearing.  Our criminal defense attorneys also represent juvenile clients in court.  In some cases, our juvenile defense lawyers can prevent a young person from being charged as an adult.  In others, juvenile defense lawyers may be able to negotiate a plea deal that helps a young person avoid jail time.  If you’re looking for criminal defense law firms in Newtown, PA or surrounding communities like Yardley, PA and Morrisville, PA, we can assist you with any of the following types of cases:

  • Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Homicide

  • Gun Cases

  • Juvenile Defense Lawyers

  • Probation Violation Lawyers

  • Drunk Driving

  • Federal Offenses

  • Drug Possession

  • ARD 

  • Traffic Offenses

When you’re looking at criminal defense law firms in the Yardley, PA and Morrisville, PA areas, choose the one that has earned the trust of local residents.  Whether you need probation violation lawyers or any other kind of criminal defense lawyers, Schatz & Stancu can help you prepare the best legal defense for your case.

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