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Juvenile Defense Lawyers in Bucks County, PA


If you’ve been accused of a crime, it doesn’t matter how old you are; the consequences of a conviction can follow you for the rest of your life.  When a child is arrested, they need legal representation from a juvenile attorney just like an adult would.  Speaking to police without a parent or juvenile defense lawyer present is a bad idea that could result in a conviction regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest.  At Schatz & Stancu LLP in Bucks County, we can provide a juvenile criminal defense attorney to assist you with your case and help you prepare an effective legal defense.  A juvenile criminal defense attorney can be a minor’s greatest ally in their fight for justice.

If you’re a minor or parent of a minor who has been accused of a crime, please be aware that securing the services of a juvenile defense attorney should be the first thing you do.  A child or their parent may not be aware of important legal rights that can be fully explained by a juvenile attorney before any questioning takes place.  For instance, a child can refuse to be questioned just as an adult might.  A parent can also refuse questioning on a child’s behalf until a juvenile defense lawyer can be contacted.  Kids have some of the same rights as adults do in criminal juvenile cases, and a good juvenile defense lawyer can inform you about those rights.

If you’re looking at defense lawyers for minor in Bucks County or any nearby communities, Schatz & Stancu should be the first call you make.  Reach a Bucks County juvenile defense lawyer over the phone by dialing (267) 544-0789, by sending an email to, or by filling out the online form on our contact page.  We’ll connect you with a juvenile defense attorney who can advise you on your case and represent you in court.

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Defense Lawyers For Minors


Whether you’re innocent and want to clear your name or you may bear some legal responsibility, hiring a juvenile attorney can ensure you have the best chance of getting justice on your day in court.  Juvenile cases can be quite complex and extenuating circumstances may often come into play.  Defense lawyers for minors will know which questions to ask.  What type of crime was committed?  Were others involved, perhaps someone over the age of 18?  Could impressionability or abuse have played a role in the commission of the crime?  All of these factors may affect a minor’s chances of being convicted, or the sentence they receive in juvenile cases.  An experienced Bucks County juvenile defense lawyer can identify these situations and apply them to your case.

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The Best Juvenile Attorneys In The Area


The outcomes of juvenile cases have the potential to change a minor’s life forever.  Without representation from a juvenile attorney, a child could end up spending time in a juvenile detention facility or even be charged as an adult and serve time in jail.  A juvenile criminal record can make it difficult for a person to obtain employment, find an apartment, or get certain types of licenses as an adult.  A juvenile attorney may be able to assist with the expungement and sealing of juvenile criminal records.  When you need a juvenile defense lawyer, get in touch with Schatz & Stancu in Bucks County right away.  We provide defense lawyers for minors in all sorts of juvenile criminal cases.

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