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What to Do if You Have Been Accused of a DUI

Being accused of driving under the influence can be a daunting experience. If you have been stopped by the police and subsequently arrested for a DUI, you must act fast. There are certain steps to take to ensure your rights are protected. Hire an Attorney You should immediately get in touch with an attorney who is experienced in the area of defending individuals who have been arrested and charged with DUI. Check out DUI lawyers in Quakertown, PA to learn about their credentials and meet with them to have a consultation. Once you have found the one that fits you best, you should hire that lawyer to represent you in your case. You want someone who has the right level of expertise and training, trial experience and an investigative team at their disposal just in case the facts in your case aren’t completely clear.

Apply for Diversion Programs

Many people facing DUI offenses are eligible for diversionary programs such as ARD, intermediate punishment, or house arrest. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced defense attorney will ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities to avoid jail time and/or keep your record clean.

Follow Through

You may be required to get various evaluations and go to drug or alcohol treatment. You also may be required to complete a certain number of hours of community service. It is important that you comply and follow through with any and all requirements to ensure there are no delays or setbacks with your case.

Don’t Obsess Over the Case Although facing a DUI charge is scary and stressful, it’s important not to obsess. Let your attorney handle everything for you and stay in constant contact with them. A good lawyer will make sure you know what you’re facing and what the next steps are. They will be able to take the mystery out of the court process for you. Hiring the right DUI defense lawyer can relieve you of the stress and fear of the unknown. If you have been arrested for a DUI, contact an DUI lawyer in Warminster at your earliest convenience. It’s your best chance at having the charges reduced or even dropped altogether.

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