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When you’re on probation, any minor slip up could result in you being sent to jail.  Probation may be a part of the conditions for your early release from prison, or it may be part of a plea deal you accepted to avoid jail time.  It doesn’t matter why you’re on probation; a probation violation can carry big consequences for you.  If you’re preparing for a probation violation hearing, you need to hire the best Bucks County probation violation lawyers you can find.

You may think that you don’t need to hire probation violation defense attorneys for your hearing; think again.  Without probation violation lawyers on your side, you may not be able to make your case for leniency.  Probation violation cases can be rather complex, and it takes experienced probation violation defense attorneys to plead your case effectively.  Bucks County area residents should call (267) 544-0789, send an email to or fill out the online form on our contact page to speak to a lawyer right away.

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Being on probation can be difficult.  Probation violation lawyers know that their clients must abide by the – sometimes very strict – terms of their probation.  Someone on probation may be asked to make regular visits to their probation officer, to submit to regular drug testing; a probation officer may even show up at their Bucks County area home at any time and ask to be let inside.  If you miss a visit, refuse entry to a probation officer, or fail a drug test, you could be sent to jail.  If you violated your probation because of a minor mistake, know that you have options.  Hiring probation violation defense attorneys is always a good idea in these situations because they can advise you on the best way to defend yourself at your hearing.  At a probation violation hearing, it’s especially important to retain the services of the best probation violation lawyers because you, as the defendant, will usually bear the burden of proof.

In probation violation cases, you can either refute the charges or admit that you violated your probation and offer an explanation as to why.  Without hiring an attorney, you may not be able to make a good argument for leniency.  For example, if you missed an appointment with your probation officer because of a family member’s medical emergency, the judge may decide to let you off with a warning.  If you are refuting the probation violation, your probation violation defense attorneys can help you collect evidence to prove that you didn’t do anything wrong.

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Probation violation cases are no small matter.  Regardless of your original crime’s nature, violating probation can mean doing serious jail time.  If you have a probation violation hearing coming up, you need to speak with the dedicated Bucks County probation violation lawyers at Schatz & Stancu.  We can help you prepare for your hearing and give yourself the best possible chance of being granted leniency.  We serve clients in Bucks County and surrounding areas, so call us if you’re looking for probation violation lawyers in New Hope, PA or you need probation violation lawyers in Quakertown, PA.

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