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Traffic Offenses in Bucks County, PA


Are you facing charges like speeding, driving with a suspended license, or hit and run after being pulled over or involved in a car accident in Bucks County?  If you don’t secure the services of good traffic offense lawyers, you could be facing severe penalties for your driving offenses.  Driver’s license suspension, hefty fines, and jail time can all be part of a sentence for violating the rules of the road, and without a competent car accident lawyer, you could be subjected to one or all of them.  Traffic offense lawyers can be your strongest ally in the courtroom, so don’t hesitate to obtain legal representation any time you get pulled over or are involved in a traffic accident.

traffic offense lawyer bucks county

At Schatz & Stancu LLP, our traffic offense lawyers will fight hard to protect your rights.  Being cited for driving offenses can cause you to lose your license or even lose your job.  Fines can deplete your financial resources.  And of course, nobody wants to spend time in jail.  Our traffic offense defense attorneys have been helping residents of the Bucks County area with their legal issues for almost 30 years and now they want to go to work for you.  If you need legal advice or representation from a car accident lawyer after a traffic accident or citation, give us a call at (267) 544-0789, send an email to, or fill out the convenient online form on our contact page.  We’ll connect you with some of the best traffic offense defense attorneys in Bucks County who can help you get your sentence reduced or have your charges dismissed entirely.

Car Accident Defense Lawyers Who Can Help You


Traffic violations are no small matter.  If you think you don’t need representation from a car accident lawyer, think again.  Depending on the circumstances of a car accident, you may be charged with moving violations, hit and run, DUI, or even manslaughter.  Without traffic offense lawyers on your side, you could be subject to the maximum penalties for these crimes.  An experienced car accident lawyer will know exactly which situations can warrant leniency from the courts.  Did another driver bear some responsibility for the accident?  Could weather have been a factor?  Could the accident have been caused by a mechanical issue of which you were unaware?  Any of these factors and more could cast doubt on a prosecutor’s case against you.  The team of traffic offense defense attorney at Schatz & Stancu can examine your case and identify these small details to form the basis for your legal defense.  Without a car accident lawyer, you’ll be on your own.

bucks county car accident lawyer

We Will Fight for Your Rights


If you’re searching for traffic offense defense attorneys in Bucks County, Schatz & Stancu should be the first call you make.  Our traffic offense lawyers serve communities in Bucks County and surrounding areas, so get in touch with us right away if you’re accused of driving offenses like speeding, driving under suspension, hit and run, DUI, and more.  We can provide a car accident lawyer in Bristol, PA or anywhere else nearby, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone any time you need our advice.

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