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Being charged with a crime can result in a sentence that takes away your money or even your freedom.  Without the advice of a good criminal defense attorney from the best law offices in the Doylestown, PA area, you’ll be going against the judge and prosecutors alone.  Depending on the nature of your alleged crime, your sentence could include probation, expensive fines, or time in jail.  When you’re accused of a crime in the Doylestown area, it’s your right to hire a criminal defense lawyer to advise you during police questioning and represent you in court.  If you choose to represent yourself, you’re throwing your rights away!  Whether you need a DUI attorney, a juvenile attorney, a drug possession lawyer, probation violation lawyers, or any other type of legal counsel in the Doylestown area, it’s in your best interest to seek out the best one you can find.

At Schatz & Stancu LLP, we’ve been providing defense lawyers to represent clients in communities like Doylestown, PA and Buckingham, PA for almost 30 years.  Our attorneys possess a skill set that encompasses a wide range of legal specialties, from DWI lawyers to a drug possession defense attorney, so call us any time you need a criminal defense law firm.  We can provide a DUI attorney to defend you in a drunk driving case, a drug possession defense attorney to advise you about a drug arrest, or even a juvenile attorney for juvenile cases.  In addition, our probation violation lawyers are some of the best in the Doylestown area.  Call our law offices at (267) 544-0789, send an email to, or visit our contact page and fill out the online form to speak to a qualified criminal defense attorney about your case. 


Do you need a DUI attorney or criminal defense lawyer in Chalfont, PA?  We have got you covered.  We can also provide you with a drug possession lawyer or a general criminal lawyer in Warrington, PA and communities close by, so don’t hesitate to call us about your case anywhere in the area.  You don’t need to call any other law firms to find a DUI lawyer; Schatz & Stancu has the defense lawyers you need.

Reliable Defense Attorneys in Buckingham, PA


No matter what crime you’ve been accused of, you need a criminal defense law firm that’s experienced and reliable.  Other law firms in the Buckingham, PA area may not be equipped to handle the same variety of legal specialties as our attorneys.  Have you been accused of drunk driving and need a DUI lawyer?  Don’t call other law firms.  A seasoned DUI lawyer from Schatz & Stancu will know that field sobriety tests can be unreliable, potentially giving you the opportunity to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.  Our DWI lawyers have already helped hundreds of clients get their charges reduced or dismissed entirely. 

Were you caught in possession of controlled substances?  The police may have violated your rights when they searched or questioned you.  A drug possession defense attorney can analyze your case and identify situations that can give you a chance to make a deal.  No matter what type of drug it was, a good drug possession lawyer can fight to have your charges dismissed or to secure a favorable plea deal.

What about probation violation?  When you’re on probation, even the most minor slip up can mean you’ll spend time in jail.  Our probation violation lawyers can represent you during your hearing and devise the best strategy to have the judge grant leniency in your case.  Unlike some other law firms, we even handle juvenile cases, so call us when you need a juvenile attorney to help prevent a young person from becoming a victim of the justice system.  Schatz & Stancu is the criminal defense law firm to call when you need advice from DWI lawyers or counsel about any of the following types of cases in Doylestown, Buckingham, PA, or anywhere else in the area:

  • General Criminal Defense Law Firm

  • Defense Lawyers for Homicide Cases

  • Attorneys for Gun Cases

  • Juvenile Attorney

  • Probation Violation Lawyers

  • DWI Lawyers

  • Defense Lawyers for Federal Offenses

  • Drug Possession Defense Attorney

  • ARD

  • Criminal Defense Attorney for Traffic Offenses


Whether you need a DUI attorney, drug possession lawyer, juvenile attorney, probation violation lawyers, or any other type of criminal defense attorney, the law offices of Schatz & Stancu is the first call you should make.  Our defense lawyers handle the cases other law firms may not be interested in taking on.

We Have Years of Experience in Criminal Defense


The consequences of a criminal conviction can follow you for the rest of your life.  Without the counsel of a DUI attorney or criminal lawyer, you could lose your job, your money, or your freedom.  Whether you’re innocent or you may bear some legal responsibility, a DUI lawyer or other criminal defense attorney can be your biggest ally when you enter the courtroom.  Whatever crime you’re accused of, you can be certain that the prosecution will be doing everything in their power to convict you, which is why you need the counsel of a criminal lawyer.


Don’t think that getting arrested automatically means you’ll be facing the maximum penalties.  If you’re innocent, a good criminal lawyer can help develop the best strategy to prove it.  If you may be responsible for some aspects of the crime, certain circumstances may present an opportunity to have your charges reduced.  In some cases, a criminal lawyer can work out a deal where you agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge to prevent the case from going to trial.  In other cases, your criminal defense lawyer may be able to have certain frivolous charges dismissed for lack of merit.  For example, prosecutors may try to tack on an intent to distribute charge when you’re arrested for drug possession.  Any drug possession defense attorney at our firm will know that these charges can easily be dismissed for lack of evidence.


When residents of Doylestown, PA and nearby communities need legal representation, they call the law offices of Schatz & Stancu.  If you’re facing charges, we advise you to do the same.  Call us today; we’ll fight hard for you in court.

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