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How to Protect Your Innocence if You Are Falsely Accused of a Crime

Being accused of a crime is never an enjoyable experience, but being accused of a crime that you did not commit can be even worse. Prosecutors often act as though they do not press charges against anyone who is not at least a suspect in criminal activity, but the truth is that many times being included as an associate of others who are engaged in lawlessness could result in this happening. While the criminal justice system is supposedly based on the concept of being innocent until proven guilty, all of the advantages in the prosecution process are designed to favor the government. This is exampled by the high conviction rate that so many courts have manufactured. This means that those who are wrongfully accused often find themselves protecting their innocence as though they are guilty by the mere fact they have been charged.

Why You Need Aggressive Personal Legal Representation

Criminal charges are filed based on evidence, and the evidence can be documentation of any sort of personal testimony. Documentation often speaks for itself when being used in a criminal proceeding, but testimony can be countered when the individual is cross-examined. The problem is that the court system only allows attorneys to conduct this line of questioning, and not all attorneys are as adept or aggressive when trying to reach the truth about whether a crime has been committed. This is a common problem when innocent people of moderate means are assigned a public defender, commonly due to huge caseloads and professional relationships that can get in the way.

What Your Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do

Individual defendants have virtually no opportunity to contest any evidence that is being used in a criminal case against them. Defendants have limited access to court information, and prosecutors scoff at any suggestions from the defendants for the most part, including examination of material evidence. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer can inspect all articles of evidence for validity and request dismissal or suppression when problems are found, such as unlawful search and seizure, failure to follow arrest protocol, lack of probable cause, or even false statements by witnesses and police officers. When a case settlement can not be reached before a trial date, an aggressive attorney can also represent the defendant in a full trial exercising all rights to a criminal defense. This is not uncommon when being falsely accused.

Contact S & S Defense Law Offices

The truth about being falsely charged with a crime is that most prosecutors do not want to conduct frivolous criminal cases against seemingly honest and law-abiding citizens. Many times they will file charges in association with others in an attempt to glean information from particular defendants. Never accept the concept that your criminal charge cannot be defended. Always contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer like Schatz & Stancu when facing a false criminal charge. It is an investment in your future as well as your freedom.

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