At Schatz & Stancu, LLP we are committed to the practice of criminal and DUI defense throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With a combined experience of nearly three decades litigating criminal matters, our firm is rooted in trial experience. We pride ourselves on preparation and instinct, and our reputation is second to none.

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The criminal defense lawyers at our firm are well-versed in a wide range of legal specialties, making us the best choice for any type of criminal case.  Need a Bucks County DUI lawyer?  Our attorneys have litigated hundreds of them.  While our attorneys will always seek dismissal of your charges, we also know when it’s best to negotiate a plea deal.  Do you need a criminal defense lawyer after being charged with drug possession or other drug crimes?  We are experienced drug crime lawyers in Bucks County and ready to assist you with your case.  Do you need a criminal attorney because you’re facing charges of theft or forgery?  Our Bucks County defense lawyers can help get your charges dropped or reduced in severity.  Facing charges of assault, robbery, or burglary? Our team is ready to put our experience to work for you.  Do you need criminal lawyers to advise you in a murder case?  Our criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience with homicide cases.  Call us when you need a homicide lawyer in Bucks County to give yourself the best chance of clearing your name or working out a favorable plea bargain.


If you are accused of a violation of your probation as part of a sentence for a previous crime, it’s just as important for you to retain the services of a criminal defense lawyer.  When you’re on probation, even a minor slipup can result in you being sent back to jail.  Miss an appointment with your probation officer, fail a drug test, or get arrested for a minor offense and you could be violating your probation.  Even if the violation seems minor, you could be facing significant consequences.  Our criminal lawyers can help defend you against probation violations in Bucks County, making us the best choice for anyone who is on probation.  Our criminal lawyers can also assist with juvenile defense, so get in touch with us if you need juvenile defense lawyers in Bucks County or any other nearby PA community.


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Choosing a criminal attorney is no place to cut corners.  If you don’t hire a top criminal defense law firm, it could result in legal consequences that affect you for the rest of your life.  When you call Schatz & Stancu criminal law, your initial consultation is provided free of charge; what have you got to lose?  Contact a defense attorney from our firm for legal advice about any of the following types of cases:


  • Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Criminal Lawyers for Homicide Cases

  • Criminal Lawyers for Gun Cases

  • Juvenile Defense Attorneys

  • Criminal Lawyers for Probation Violations

  • DUI Defense Lawyers

  • Criminal Defense Attorneys for Federal Offenses

  • Attorneys for Drug Cases

  • Defense Attorneys Specializing in Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Programs

  • Defense Lawyers for Theft Cases

  • Defense Lawyers for Forgery Cases

  • Assault Defense Attorneys

  • Criminal Attorneys for Robbery Cases

  • Criminal Lawyers for Burglary Cases

  • Defense Attorneys for Traffic Offenses


If you’re accused of any of these crimes and you don’t hire a competent criminal defense attorney, you could end up getting a significantly higher sentence.  Without proper representation, you could end up doing time, whether you’re guilty or not.  Hiring a good criminal defense attorney is the only way to ensure you have a chance of winning your case.


Schatz & Stancu LLP is a criminal defense law firm formed by some of the top attorneys in PA and we’re ready to defend you.  Our criminal lawyers are known for extensive pre-trial preparation that can mean the difference between freedom and jail time for you.  When you hire a defense attorney from our firm, you’ll see right away that our dedication to your case is unmatched.  Don’t gamble on your future by hiring another PA criminal defense law firm; get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer at Schatz & Stancu before it's too late.


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