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How to Fight A Robbery Charge

Robbery is defined as the act of taking property by using threats or force. It can be classified as aggravated if a person is seriously injured during the robbery. A robbery can also be classified as aggravated if a deadly weapon is used. Additionally, if the victim who is being robbed has a disability or is over the age of 65, then you may be charged with aggravated assault.

The penalties for robbery can be steep. You may have to spend several years in prison. You may also be fined. Furthermore, a robbery conviction can be put on your permanent record. This can make it harder for you to get an apartment, job, or go to school. The good news is that you can fight robbery charges by hiring a criminal defense attorney in Bucks County.

Your attorney will thoroughly review your case. They will come up with the best defense possible. The following defenses can be used to fight a robbery charge.

Lack of Evidence

For you to be convicted of a robbery, there has to be sufficient proof that you did it. There is a burden of proof. If there is no evidence to prove that you committed the crime, then it will likely be dropped. Keep in mind that your attorney does not necessarily have to convince the jury that you are innocent. They just have to find a flaw in the prosecutor's argument. This is why hiring a criminal lawyer in Buckingham PA is an important piece to your case.


An alibi is a piece of evidence or claim that you were somewhere else when the crime occurred. If you have a solid alibi, then it will be impossible for the prosecutors to convict you of a crime. Your case will be dismissed.

True Owner

Many people take property that they believe is rightfully theirs. If you have evidence to prove that you are the true owner of the property, then you will be able to get your charges dropped.


Entrapment can be a defense if you were forced to commit a crime against your will. You can prove that you would have not have committed the crime if you were not forced to. However, you have to provide evidence that you were set up.


Voluntary or involuntary intoxication can be used as a defense. Voluntary intoxication may not help you get off completely, but you may be able to plead for a lesser charge. Involuntary intoxication is beyond your control. You can argue that you would not have committed the robbery if you were sober.

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